Seven Mile Outfitters is based out of Bronte, TX. We have been operating for over 15 years. Over the years we have met many great people and continue to create great friendships! We hunt over 50,000 acres of land all across Texas. We offer both high fenced and free ranging hunts. Seven Mile offers a total of 52 different species, both native species and exotic. With such a variety of species we have the ability to hunt year round. We would love to put you on the trophy of your dreams!

Guides and Transportation

Seven Mile provides the absolute best in guides. With abundant knowledge of the quarry and an excellent ability to put the customers on the best trophy.
Darren Williams has been guiding for Seven Mile for 15 years. Darren is the master in archery hunting and very precise while tracking animals!
Creed Coalson has been with Seven Mile for over 5 years. Creed is the workhorse of the group, always eager to please and won't stop at anything to make sure every customer gets their trophy!
Our guides are second to none!!! These guides are great guys as well as top notch at everything they do!

Transportation from a local airport can be arranged by our guides. Guides on the ranch will be furnished for hunters.

Guns & Ammunition

We have an abundant arsenal and a never ending ammo storage closet. Both can be furnished by Seven Mile at no additional cost if the hunter desires.

Price or Cost of the Hunt

Seven Mile will do our best to help the hunter harvest the best quality trophy available on each hunt. Unless otherwise notified, the cost of a trophy remains the same and is not based on size.

Lodging Accommodations and Meals

Lodging is available at every ranch. Our lodges are super comfortable and stocked with every necessity. There is no charge for lodging. Meals can be provided and will be cooked by our staff. Any charges on food is according to size of group.

Our Team

7 Mile Outfitters Team
Lynn Follis, Connor Hixon, Ty Lee, Caleb Usry (in back), Darren Williams (in front), Kolson Follis (on far right)